7 Tips For Throwing An Epic Hot Tub Party

8 friends gathered together in a hot tubIf you’re the proud owner of a brand new hot tub from Valley Spas & Pools, chances are, you’re probably looking for ways to get more use out of it beyond relaxing soaks with a good book and favorite beverage. Look no further than these six helpful tips for throwing your first successful hot tub party.

1. Keep The Guest List Limited
While it might be tempting to invite the entire neighborhood, all of your friends and your family, remember that your hot tub is a confined space. Consider its size and how many people can fit in it comfortably. You don’t want to invite more people than can fit into the hot tub, and definitely not more than the manufacturer recommends. The good news is, a small space gives you a reason to have more hot tub parties in the future.

2. Pre-Heat Your Tub
Heating up your hot tub ahead of time ensures guests can hop in right away. It’s common sense that hot tubs with a larger capacity take a longer time to heat. In general, expect the temperature of the water to increase between 3-6 degrees each hour. If you leave the cover on, and it’s a hot, sunny day, you can generally expect it to take about four hours. You can also check with your manufacturer’s specifications to find out approximately how long it might take to heat it fully.

3. Make Sure It’s Clean
The day before your hot tub party, check the pH to make sure it’s suitable for lots of people. Your target pH should be around 7.4-7.6 to ensure the sanitizer you use is effective. Make sure your spa’s filter is clean, and after draining it, wipe it down inside and out and give it a quick vacuum to remove any lingering dirt. Using spa shock the night before your party can also help ensure your hot tub water is sanitary. Valley Spas & Pools has plenty of hot tub supplies in stock if you run out. 

4. Provide Plenty Of Drinks And Snacks
Decide ahead of time whether you want to make your hot tub party BYOB or if you’ll be providing beverages for guests. Soda, water, iced tea, and perhaps alcoholic drinks are good choices. When selecting snacks, make sure to consider your guests’ tastes and preferences. A good general rule is to think of snack types in four categories: sweet, spicy, salty, and cheesy. This ensures you’re offering a balance of several different tastes.

5. Have Extra Towels And Bathing Suits On Hand
Maybe a guest who originally didn’t want to get into the hot tub ends up wanting to when they see how much fun everyone is having — this is a good reason to have extra bathing suits on hand. As for towels, decide on how many you think you’ll need, then double it. You may want to tell guests beforehand to bring their own towels, but some may forget or need an extra one.

6. Set The Mood With Music
Use a music streaming service, such as Spotify, to select a channel and set a festive or relaxing mood. You can also make your own playlist or encourage guests to do the same as your hot tub party evolves.

7. Offer A Mix Of Other Outdoor Activities
While your new hot tub is sure to be the center of attention, it’s a good idea to offer other activities to party guests to keep them entertained, such as darts, basketball, and cards.

Transform Your Backyard With A New Hot Tub From Valley Spas & Pools
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