The generous footprint of the Envoy makes this our largest luxury lounge spa with room for five. The deep seats and full-body massage features include a Moto-Massage® DX jet and a captain’s chair with wrist jets.

Envoy Specifications

Seating Capacity5 Adults
Dimensions7’9″ x 7’7″ x 38″
2.36m x 2.31m x .97m
Water Capacity390 gallons/1,475 liters
Weight830 lbs./375 kg dry
4,960 lbs./2,250 kg filled*
Jets (43)
(w/ Stainless Steel Trim)
1 Moto-Massage® DX jet (2)
2 SoothingStream® jets
3 JetStream® jets
2 Rotary Hydromassage jets
3 Directional Hydromassage jets
10 HydroStream® jets
2 Rotary Precision® jets
19 Directional Precision® jets
Water Care System (Optional)FreshWater™ Salt System Ready
Water FeaturesBellaFontana® with 3 illuminated arcs of water
Jet Pump 1Wavemaster® 9000
2.5 HP Continuous Duty 5.2 HP
Breakdown Torque
Jet Pump 2Wavemaster® 8200
2.0 HP Continuous Duty 4.0 HP
Breakdown Torque
Circulation PumpSilentFlo 5000® for quiet continuous filtration
Effective Filtration Area325 sq. ft., top loading Tri-X® filters
100% no-bypass filtration
Control SystemIQ 2020® with wireless remote control
230v/50amp, 60Hz
Includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel
Lighting SystemLuminescence® multi-color four-zone
HeaterNo-Fault® , 4000w/230v
Energy EfficiencyCertified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law
Vinyl Cover3.5″ to 2.5″ tapered
2 lb. density foam core with hinge seal in Chocolate or Slate
Cover Lifter (Optional)CoverCradle® , CoverCradle II® , Lift ‘n Glide® , UpRite®
Entertainment System (optional)Wireless Sound System


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